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Here are some of our fully completed custom meat smokers. Hand-crafted to meet all your smoking needs. Our aim is to revolutionize your idea of barbecuing and to introduce you to the world of slow smoking. 

Here you will find just some of the completed projects we have undertaken over the last 20 years or so, this should give you an indication of our standards and capabilities 

Gouchys Static Meat Smoker.jpg

Inspired by the original Texas smokers of old, we aim to produce catering smokers that will last for many years to come...

Our smokers get hot, averaging 500 degrees in 3 hours, perfect for all manner f foods.

Gouchys Trailer Meat Smoker 4.jpg

Build a fire in the firebox, establishing a coal bed and fuel it with wood to create a smoke, this passes in a lower chamber to the far end, creating a though draft of hot smoke that will flow over the meat racks, cooking the food, we have loose baffle plates on the smoke chamber in case of a need to direct the smoke, the smoke heads for the chimney where it is a controlled exit via a baffle

Gouchys Domestic Meat Smoker 2.jpg

We make Meat Smokers on fully compliant EU Trailers or as a Static, mounted to a frame...

All are different to meet the individual needs of each client...

All sizes can be catered for...

Gouchys Triple Chamber Static Meat Smoker.jpg

Give us a call to discuss your particular needs

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