Folded 1.5mm catering grade stainless steel chassis 150mm deep, holed in the base for venting and to allow water to escape.


Raised remove-able stainless steel charcoal grill, 25mm x 25mm x 3mm, sits in the bottom holding the coals, raised to allow air-flow and somewhere for the ash to drop.

Box section legs of 40mm x 40mm, bolted on using M10 stainless steel bolts and stainless steel nuts.

Stainless steel cooking grill made from 75mm x 12mm x 3mm rectangular grill sits in an angle frame and is set down 20mm for.

See our extra/accessories page for other things you might want to add or if you want something different that is not shown, give us a call. We make these in the normal sizing of S, M, L, XL which should cater for all sizes of parties but if you require a certain size please call.

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